Sometimes I wonder how would my life be if I hadn’t my boyfriend… Would I still be alive?

Btw I’m back, but I don’t know when I’ll start posting new things, now I’m too tired to do anything, I’m just trying to stay alive. Thanks to everyone who still supports this blog!

Wait for me!

I’m sorry if I won’t post anything until october, but… I’m going on an adventure! No, I’m just gonna work away from home for a while and then I’ll go to Sicily with my boyfriend, I really need some rest. I have terrible issues at home, it seems that my parents are going crazy, that’s why I haven’t posted anything these days. So please, wait for my return! See you as soon as I can :)

I’ve actually just tried making a reverse google image search with the last images I posted but I didn’t find a tumblr or whatever account, I honestly could make a tag for the owner of the pics just because someone told me his name. Now I think this is it.


the hobbit lanimalu google search codenamehexx

lotrandthehobbitlovers asked:

It already happened that I found a pic of a cosplay on google and I posted it, someone recognized the cosplayer, informed me about who it was and I wrote his name under my post. And If you read my posts, I declared long ago that I don't own anything I blog (except when I write that something belongs to me). I don't go around on tumblr stealing posts, I always search on google.

Tolkien Lover Answer:




if you search on GOOGLE and you find art, instead of just posting it randomly, why don’t you actually CHECK to see if it’s been posted before??? now this post has over 65 notes and NO attribution to the artist. it doesn’t matter if your blog declares no ownership, you STILL NEED TO LINK BACK TO THE ORIGINAL POST.

BUT if you inform me I can modify the post and add the name of the owner and a tag, as I already did, thanks to you kindly informing me :)

peace adambrownslefttesticle

As I already said, I don’t own any of the images/videos/whatever I post, except for the posts that say “image made by me”. When I search for things I do it on google, NOT on tumblr, “stealing” posts from other people.

I repeat: I don’t own anything I post, no need to bitch about it.